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1. Mineral Deficiencies Symptoms In Orchids
Mineral deficiencies in orchids, as seen in the leaves and remedial measures. Read on

2. Wild Orchids vs Hybrids
Many of the once abundant orchids are now listed in the IUCN red list of endangered plants. Here is why we should grow hybrid orchids instead of the natural wild varieties.

3. Orchids And Covid
Covid or no covid. Here's what orchids teach us how to adapt when survival gets tough.

4. Orchids And Freaky Weather
Orchids being quite sensitive to weather conditions, its unpredictability can be fatal for them. This article puts forth a few points that might help you tackle this problem.

5. The Missing Scent Of Orchids Flowers
Orchids are known for their amazing floral fragrances, but some times the flowers stops producing these scents. This article searches for the possible reasons why these flowers stops production of their signature scents.

6. Orchids And Lockdown
The present pandemic seems to have done a world of good to living things, except humans. And have the orchids fared any better? You bet!

7. Making Cocopeat From Coconut Husk
An article about a cost-effective method of making cocopeat.

8. Temperature Stress In Orchids
Heat is getting to all of us, including our beloved orchids. Here are some tips to help orchids survive this weather.

9. Rains, Humidity And Orchids
Orchids dying despite high humidity. What could be the cause?

10. Egg Shells for Orchids
Using eggshells as fertilizer for your orchids.

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