Herbal Facts

Here you will find all the information needed to become familiar with herbs and all they can do for you.

Alternative Medicine star
What exactly is alternative medicine? The main focus of alternative medicine is to prevent disease and illness. Holistic and naturopathic health and wellness, is designed for prevention whereas Western (or conventional) medicine is not. Whatever you choose, be sure to do your homework first!

Ancient Herbs star
Since the beginning of time, man has turned to nature for its healing and holistic properties. Check out what Ancient Egyptians used for herbal remedies that we are still using to this day!

Aromatherapy and the 20th Century star
The twentieth century saw many advances in the use of aromatherapy for medical and spiritual issues.

Back to School Health 101 star
It is almost that time again where parents around the country yell, “yippee” while their kids walk out the door to another year at school. As the school year brings much needed relief to weary adults, it brings on another slew of problems-sickness. Find out ways to keep everyone healthier this year.

Christmas Herbs star
Christmas is a time of tradition and celebration and herbs are a wonderful part of these festivities.

Herb Safety star
Herbal safety is very important. In other articles, we have discussed how dangerous herbs can be when not handled properly. They are nature’s drug and should always be treated with respect.

Herbal Gifts for Christmas star
There is always room for an herbal blend on your gift list. Here are some mixes that are sure to please.

Herbal Infusion star
Have a little time on your hands? Have tea, herbs and a steeper? Try making some infusions that are not only pleasing to the palate but will do the body good as well!

Herbal Smoking Mixture star
Herbs have been smoked for centuries in rituals and simply for pleasure. The relaxing pipe of an herbal/tobacco mixture smoked in friendship on occasion has changed to smoking out of addiction and the inability to control the cravings. Smoking changed from relaxing to necessity.

Herbs - A Long History star
Herbs have a long history. They have been around since greenery first appeared through the rich earth. They have been used in cooking and for medicinal purposes since man first walked over that same earth. Such a story herbs have to tell.

Herbs and Insects star
What are the effects of certain herbs on the insects that share our garden?

Herbs VS. Prescription Medication star
With more and more people beginning to turn to mother nature for their resources, it is only natural to turn to something that has been used for centuries to cure us. That is where the debate of herbs vs drugs comes in to play. Armed with the right information, you can decide what is best.

History of Essential Oils star
The history of essential oils is very extensive and stretches back thousands of years.

Holiday Herbs star
It isn’t about what is under the tree, it is about the true meaning of this special holiday and the ancient rites as well as the traditional and sacred use of herbs during this holiday. So here is a little herbal folklore to ring in the festive season.

How to Pick Wild Herbs star
Picking wild herbs(wildcrafting) needs careful planning and knowledge to do it correctly.

Spice Up Your Name star
When thinking of new names for the baby, try out some of these herbal and spice names that have not only been around for centuries, but have wonderful meanings as well!

The Benefits of Tea star
Tea is the second (water is the first) most consumed beverage in the world and has tremendous health benefits. Whatever your taste, from Black, Green, White or herbal tea, you can't go wrong by adding this to your daily routine.

The Difference Between Herbs and Spices star
What is the difference between herbs and spices? Is there really one? Why do we use both terms when talking about the same items?

The Importance of Knowing About Herbs star
Herbs are used everywhere and always being promoted. It is very important that you learn how to use herbs probably and the dangers that can accompany them. It is very wise to learn about herbs.

The Many Uses of Lavender star
Lavender is an incredibly versatile herb that can be used for many applications.

The Medicine Woman´s Roots star[offsite link]
Kiva Rose will educate you, and transport you..all from within the pages of her wonderful blog.

What are Essential Oils star
Essential oils are powerful tools that need to be used with care and respect.

What are Herbs? star
What type of plant are herbs? Are they annuals,biannual or perennials?

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